vw1600 ot

OT structure for higher flexibility

VW1600 OT has an open structure in the upper part (Open Top) so to allow the passage of glass sheets higher than 1600 mm. In this way it can occasionally be used even for bigger glass panes.

Rollers driven by bevel gears

The glass transport rollers are driven by a bevel gear transmission to guarantee the best performance: smooth movement, low noise and zero maintenance.

Interfacing with other machines

VW1600 OT has been designed for use as stand-alone machine but it can also be integrated with other vertical machinery (straight-line edgers, drilling machines, etc.). Interfacing can be easily done in terms of worktable height and process (working speed synchronisation, emergencies, etc.).

Automatic glass thickness adjustment

VW1600 OT is equipped with a special solution enabling the automatic adjustment of the machine according to the thickness of the processed glass. When the thickness changes, the machine will automatically adjust the distance of the brushes without any manual setting.

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