Designed using proven and reliable technological solutions, with superior quality materials and components to ensure long-lasting equipment requiring low maintenance.

The VW range includes four models. The smallest one, VW1600 OT, features an open top structure. The line includes three other models that differ for the maximum workable height: 2200, 2800 and 3300 mm.

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Oversized structure

The VW Series has an oversized structure for optimal results: perfect flatness of the roller table, no vibrations, excellent washing and drying quality. All machine parts are made of stainless steel.

Top washing results

The VW Series washing machines are equipped with two pairs of brushes featuring high bristle density for top washing results.

Enhanced drying performance

The drying system consists of a fan and a pair of inclined blowers entirely made of stainless steel. The high pressure radial fan, very compact and light, is controlled by inverter. The system delivers excellent drying performance.

Easy and low-maintenance

The VW Series vertical washers are designed to simplify and reduce maintenance operations to a minimum. The glass transport rollers, driven by maintenance-free transmission systems, are made of special vulcanized NBR rubber to offer high wear resistance. The extensive use of stainless steel in any part of the machine (covers, structure, roller pins, roller supports and brush shafts) offers excellent corrosion resistance while minimizing maintenance.

Modular inlet and outlet sections

The glass inlet and outlet sections are modular so, when configuring the machine, they can fit any layout requirement. Thanks to the technical solutions adopted, it is possible to modify the length of these sections even after the installation of the machine, if necessary.

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